last day of march

Strange how at times days fly by in front of our eyes, and yet it’s SO often we hear “is it friday yet?”
Here’s to another month down in 2012.

Tomorrow is April 1st and you know what that means? April fools… are you a prankster? have you been pranked? my dad got me good one year – it wasn’t even April 1st. We were having supper at my grandma’s and we ALWAYS drink water with our supper. We were having fries with whatever we were having… well I finally went to take a drink of my WATER and let me tell you I nearly spat that mouthful out clear across the room! Dad poured my glass full of VINEGAR! I have never gotten him back for that…

Today we feel ridiculously lazy – why? why can’t we find energy? we need to work on so much stuff around here and we are all loafing around like sticks of baguette!

I started on another crochet hat – not sure I like the pattern, but we’ll see how it goes!

hope you’re having a sassy Saturday!

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