crazy Sunday

seems as tho’ it’s not taking too long to get back into the swing of blogging.
i constantly have a thought or 20 on my mind ~ so there’s never a dull moment!
let’s go back 366 days, March 31st was the last day that the reno’s were technically in full swing – and not much has been done since.


So today I decided something had to be done. We are living in a house of complete chaos. day in and day out.  I have, on more than one occasion considered other options 😉  some aren’t exactly, what one may consider, legal.
So today I was able to clear up going down to the dungeon basement and also the bottom of the stairs making it less likely to die and never be found while doing the laundry. {yes my friends, it is was THAT bad!} I was able to re-stack my crafty crap, filled a big trash bag of CRAP! that we’ll never know, we even use to own 😉  all the while doing laundry and having thing 1 wanting to help but chose to spin around as fast as you can in the computer chair, shocking it  really isn’t as much help as you might think it is.

After spending, what seemed like eternity gutting out a pretty small section of the basement – I still had to deal with the supper.
For coming up with something on a whim, it turned out pretty darn good! 😉
I fried up some onion, green and red peppers and some left over pork chops added some Tandoori sauce, cooked up some rice and voila! it was Goooood 🙂  only now I am wishing I made that blueberry pie that was on my mind… hmm…

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One Response to crazy Sunday

  1. danceITgirl Amanda says:

    haha finally found your other posts. they show up on the side… not on the main page. happy you started your basement clean up!

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