a bit of it all

today was a mixed bag of tricks!
while the sun was out it was so warm and lovely then it would hide and a gust of bluster would fly by and cool ya right off quick!  {shiver}
I had *another* great day at school. I feel so appreciated by all of, most of the staff. I’m perfectly immature enough that the kids LOVE me, and at the same time they still have enough respect. I just want to stay and help all afternoon! but of course if I HAD to stay I wouldn’t enjoy it so much.

I had planned to leave today free to do crafting or whatever else my lazy self wanted, but I had some Easter stuff to finish up.  I’m hoping to work on something to share here with ya 😉 we’ll see… {it’s food related}

Are you familiar with Camptown Races?  thing 2 has been working on it for 2 weeks!  I can even play it and *I* don’t even play piano! it’s kinda driving me wonky… but it’s all good.

my pants have been falling down all day. I guess this is another pair for the too big pile 🙂  the scale might be my enemy but as long as my clothes keep falling off it’s all good! {er, wait, that might not sound how I mean it} oh well 😉 LOL



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2 Responses to a bit of it all

  1. danceITgirl Amanda says:

    yeah! pants falling off is a GREAT thing! Maybe your scale is broken!

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