double work out day

Mondays are brutal! I plan it that way on purpose 😉  did I mention I started running? ya, genius… {if it’s to save your life}  k, but for real, let’s face it I’m not getting any younger. Heart issues seem to run in my family, so I figured I kinda am “running to save my life” 😉   I’m not going to lie, I don’t love it, heck, I don’t really even LIKE it… why am I doing it?  it’s easy, and it’s cheap -that’s why. Good shoes, and supportive bra and out the door!  don’t worry, I wear clothes too 😉
So, Mondays are my danceIt class nights but with giving myself saturday & Sunday to not HAVE to excercise, I double up on mondays.  I have Tuesdays to do whatever I want – or need to do. Wednesdays back to the pavement, Thursdays danceIt, Friday back to the pavement – only I go with a couple friends and do their route which is hilly (and definitely twice as challenging)

I’m totally babbling about nothing! and you know what’s just as bad?
You are still reading about it 😉
Go now be off wit’chya!  Cajun Pawn Stars and my bed are calling.

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