ya think? no really…

Alright Chesterfield – you picked on my son, and I, mistakenly gave you the benefit of the doubt. I told him that you must have justification for your words/actions. Then it was my daughters turn and day after day she’d come home with a 90% uneaten lunch and you told her,  it was HER fault. I get that my daughter can be silly at times, however, day after day this is HIGHLY unlikely. Again I told my child that she needs to shape up!  Not realizing that all this time it’s YOU! You are the problem. You need to snap out of your 1950’s and start treating people with respect! you hide behind other people instead of simply mentioning to the ‘new’ person what the rules are… how pathetic and childish!  Did you miss the lesson to treat others how YOU want to be treated?  I’m going to go ahead and guess by your ways/actions you did.  I prefer to have people {young and old alike} respect me and feel comfortable to come to and talk to me, when they need to. You just stay on your side of the fence. And let this be a lesson if you need to tell somebody something, perhaps you should just tell them! and not go rat them out – YOU are the one that looks like a pain in the rump…

ugh! some people….

yes, Chesterfield is like ‘furniture’ to the school – they are so desperate to have help, that they keep her around. But man alive! the people they have, to be there for the kids?! it’s no freakin’ wonder they are losing respect for adults! it’s happening in the school. It’s so sad the way a select few that need attention – make it so that all suffer.  Horrible.  just horrible.

if you are wondering why *I* don’t bring it up – don’t worry, I plan to! I am just letting it fester a bit more.  Then of course, my course of action will have to be on paper, so I have a trail for my words…

I went to Costco today – kept on track in and out in an hour and less than $90 go me! 😉   they have GREAT prices for milk, bread, eggs, 1/2 & 1/2 cream, so much so that I think I’ll get my own card next time I go.  it’s really only like 10-13 minute drive.
I got eggs for dying/colouring for easter, it’s something I don’t remember doing much as a kid – but it’s so much fun!    I also am planning to make up little treats for all the kids in the primary classes that I manage at lunch – that will probably get me fired {gah!} I’ll just get them to put them into their bag to take home.
how sad.

I still love my *little* job 😉

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