i want OFF of this ride

Right after making salads on Saturday afternoon, I started having flu like symptoms. We went to my inlaws that night and I shivered all night while trying to sleep – it was the same feeling as withdrawl. {been there, done that – not fun} Sunday still feeling lousy – I forced myself to keep going as if I wasn’t feeling horrible. I even pushed myself to excercise – I went for a walk/jog to the bush
{dh says it’s .8km} I sweated and that’s all that mattered to me. We left shortly after I got back. I slept most of the drive home.
And when we got home we weren’t even done our day yet. We grabbed the salads, dropped off the dog and went off to my grandma’s house.  Thinking back to it, it was only yesterday and it sort of feels like it was a dream.  When we got home, I got ready and went to bed. I slept a lot better and woke up feeling a bit better – however, I haven’t eaten yet today – and it’s approaching 2pm.  Every time I think of eating I have the queasy gut feeling…

i HATE feeling like this.

it really puts a damper everything.


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