blah blah blah!  that’s how my stupid head feels. I went to the dr. on Friday for my physical and I swear the dr. was sick and he made me sick!  I wasn’t sick until going to bed Sunday night I started to feel crappy… monday the right half of my head felt like it had been used as a soccer ball – I suffered most of the night in pain – and fever’ish.  I went to the dr. today b/c the pain is isolated to the one area and I wasn’t sure if I should be going to school. I am one of *THOSE* mom’s that doesn’t send her kids to school when they are sick/contageous. I know how crazy eh?

Anyway – so what’s new…
oh  I know… I’m going to see this guy 😉

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One Response to blah…

  1. danceITgirl Amanda says:

    have fun seeing him… but don’t take his picture! lol hope you’re feeling better!

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