you decide.

I found out yesterday that meeting Alan Jackson isn’t going to be all it’s cracked up to be. I seriously debated about not even going… for real.  There are no autographs & no camera’s allowed – huh? what’s up with THAT? it’s a concert. people go not ONLY to hear music but to make memories… how do you scrapbook that? I guess it could be all journalled but ?????? really?  {el LAME o}  and when you think ‘Meet & Greet’ what do you think?
where *I* come from meet + greet = pictures, autograph & chit chat….
Apparently he has his own photographer – I’ve seen the picture…
it sucks.
just sayin’.
it’s too bad.

next up on the chopping block.

I did yoga at home yesterday, b/c I’m feeling like a lump of lazy this week and it sucks. I didn’t enjoy it doing yoga at home on my own… it didn’t have the same ‘feel good’ as doing it at the rec. center.   I’m not sure if I should try out pilates, before I decide on joining another yoga class. It looks pretty similiar…

I’m still feeling like a sack-o-crap. my head feels gross, and it’s moving into my chest now too. blah. I’m going to fancy-dancey tonight, we’ll see how I feel.  hopefully I don’t have a coughing fit.

even tho’ I’m totally congested I can still smell stuff – and you know what really REALLY smells nasty? my deodorant! >.<  gah! it’s cherry blossom speedstick and I want to gag.  it’s SO not pleasant.

um, what else…

nothing i guess.

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