just like that!

2 things happened just like that today…

our local tv station is news all day… I don’t know why I feel compelled to have the news on all day but well, I do. Anyway, so I’m sitting here, checking out what’s going on in the world of facebook, drinking my coffee and the news, didn’t sound… like “NEWS”. I looked up at the tv, and it sure wasn’t the news *I* was interested in seeing!  It has nothing to do with my view or opinion on homosexuality. There was gay porn going on at 9:30 in the morning! I think my eyes caught on fire and I was debating about which soap would make them clean again… {shudder}

the other “just like that” after I finished my lunch duty job – I got blasted full on with a dooosey of a headache 😦
Feeling nausea and just not good… sucky. weather is definitely changing 😦 

so yesterday was a big deal around here… I saw some teens helping themselves into the neighbours house, while nobody was home! When I saw them leave with stuff they didn’t show up with, I called 911 and they were caught.

anyway, I need to tend to this headache 😦 and I’m still plugged up, however, definitely feeling better than earlier this week.

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