fall, summer, spring, winter?

somebody needs to tell mother nature, to lay off the pot! 😉

saturday my dad & I went to see Alan Jackson – and I guess “technically” we did *SEE* Ryan Laird, however we had to dodge out during his performance to have our meet & greet with mr. Jackson.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d be disappointed with the meet & greet hype… I get that he’s a big shot, but really, if his promoters are going to offer the ‘meet & greet’ to fans – he could at least offer them 5 minutes and an autograph. It seemed like we were more of a bother than anything.  We went into the tent {b/c we all need to have a TENT indoors}, I shook his hand, said “nice to meet you” while he smiled, his photographer shot the picture and we were shoooshed along, and were handed a pre-autographed photo of him (we were told he signed them)  ~ the show was enjoyable.


give me THIS guy ~ ANYDAY of the week…
~Séan McCann~




Kelly Russell is kick ass! me in the middle and Séan on the right 🙂


And totally not leaving out the J-Fish~
my hubs on the left, Jeremy Fisher in the middle and moi on the right 🙂


I *heart* my favourites 😉

54 more sleeps til I will be rockin’ out with Great Big Sea again! yay!!!

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