stupid weather.

it’s cold again. like not just a cool spring breeze, but more like snow keeps being announced in the forecast 😦  and everytime I open the door I swear the temp drops like at least 5-7 degrees.  crazy.

oooh I wish I had thought of taking before and after pictures – I cleaned my rings last night. and the differnce was incredible. I’m not a ring person – I mean, I own and wear 3 rings. It’s not that I don’t like rings, however, I prefer necklaces, and bracelets… but anyway I wear 3 rings, I pretty much never take them off. I’m sure they carry disgusting filth in their crevices. I found a recipe to clean them and it WORKED like awesome! they are sparkling like new! 😀
Of course I can’t find the link now that I want to share it –
anyway here’s what I did:
you need:
-a dish
-aluminium foil
-microwaved hot water
-1 teaspoon of each of these: baking soda, salt, and dish detergent (I use Dawn)

first microwave the water for 2 minutes. while that’s warming cut a piece of foil to fit the dish. a cereal dish would work fine.
poor the water into foiled lined dish
add the baking soda, salt & dish soap
put rings in for 10 minutes.
follow by rinsing the rings off with cool water and then dry them with a soft cloth voila! 🙂  Let me know if you do it, and what you think!!
I know it’s not the best pic but well they are shiny~!

i haven’t been up to a lot lately ~ my head is stuck in the clouds. {sigh}
somedays I wish I wasn’t such a dreamer 😉

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