psst… hey!

remember blogging? 
It’s like I woke up one day and just quit blogging… quit reading blogs and didn’t even think about it again. I wish I could wake up one day and just quit EVERY.SINGLE bad habit in my life. wouldn’t that be awesome? ya.

So where have I been?  not to London to visit the queen!
I’m not really even sure to be honest…

but whatever, who cares about what lame ass crap I’m up to… GUESS WHAT???

my boy has started FOOTBALL!!!!!! I am over.the.moon!!! 
{however, I must remain calm, cool and not embarassing or he will quit}

I longed for this to happen! I just hope he genuinely likes it, like REALLY REALLY likes it!
I’ve been praying that he enjoys it, has fun and gives it his best effort. I can see some esteem building which he needs BADLY! not really sure why he lacks in confidence, but he does and it’s incredibly frustrating.

the girl is going to be playing Sr. T’ball – she sort of wigged me out, as she kept saying she wanted to play soccer {?} I was like… really? 😛   (can’t say I’m a fan of soccer… AT ALL)  so the other night we were at football and we went for a little walk and there were a bunch of people playing beach volleyball. She turned to me and said, “Look mom! they’re playing soccer!”  I was all, huh??? THAT’S what you think is soccer? really?  *oy!*  {sigh} ok, well look, THAT is volleyball and you are still not playing soccer! 😉

pool is open – WAY too freakin’ cold for me! temp. teeters around 70F brrr..

i have a stellar sandal tan going on…



I’ll try to do something more exciting to blog about.

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