one day leads into another

I learned something today… a tip of sorts: I could be the master of my own domain for only $18 per year!  who knew?!

A long weekend here -my camera battery is dead. I have been feeling good lately. In the shrugging of shoulders and who gives a shit about anything kinda way – it’s been GREAT! 😀  We have been busy for the past month – so freakin’ busy I don’t know whether I’ve been coming or going. I think it’s going to start to settle down now for a little while. We spent an impromptu night over at our friends last night – it is always so good to hang out together.  We are all loafing around like slugs the head cheese is hogging the couch the kiddo’s are rolling around on the floor – and I have mental-verbal diarrhea. great times! 😉

One thing that I am SO.DONE.WITH – is the bratty, whining. Why do they do this? who tells them it’s a good idea?  you know when dogs bark too much they can be debarked – I think kids should be able to be de-whined! that would be GREAT!


what makes me any better for complaining about them whining? 

I have big hopes for every day and they fail every day.
you’d think i’d learn my lesson.
but i don’t.

tomorrow is day 1 of 63 days that I will spend all day and night with both of my kids that will test my EVERY SINGLE speck of patience. like right now – as they whine and tease one another and I ignore them to the best of my ability… since telling them to knock it off works so well. 

sigh… happy times ahead. 

dear God. please grant me the stamina to keep up with these to and please forgive me for whatever punishment they end up with. amen.


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