Summer Vacation

day 1

off to a shitty start. got up at 6am thanks to the dog trying to get out of his kennel, and the cat who would NOT.SHUT.UP!  no worries – I knew I could nap… so I did. I laid on the couch and drifted in and out of conciousness
for a couple hours. It was all going well… the girl was content to play with her little strange toys and watch tv while I fetched her breakfast. Then the boy got up at 9am and was also in a pleasant mood. no word of a lie within an hour all hell broke lose. I don’t even recall the chain of events – I just know that there has been whining, screaming and crying ever since. and NONE of it is from me.

I had an idea to talk to both the rugrats and ask them what THEY wanted out of this summer. I told them I wanted to talk to them, I wanted their full attention and I waited until they both agreed to be ready to have our chat. I asked them 2 questions, What do you want to learn this summer? and Where would you like to go this summer?  I allowed them to answer and I wrote down their answers… the boy said he wants to go to church and the girl said she wants to learn about God and Jesus…. sounds good!  but they are 6 1/2 & 10, really? is that ALL you want to do ALL summer?
I didn’t think so. so then they spewed out a few more ideas… the beach, the movies, nature hiking, the mall, the zoo, fishing… wait a minute? did you say the MALL? roflmbo – THE MALL? the day you think I’m insane enough to bring my kids to the MALL…ya, THAT will be the day! 

so I think it’s back to the drawing board I go. I am in desparate need of having them understand. that *I* am in charge. They need to respect me as they do EVERYONE else. why am I the one that gets shit on? I probably have a warped sense of memory, however, I swear if I EVER even dreamed of acting like these two, I’d get a beating. 

I feel like when I punish them, I am actually punishing myself.  

I know they are spoiled. I know it’s {partially} my fault. but now where do I go from here?

live example happening RIGHT NOW.

me: “you guys both need to tidy up your rooms, then we can do something fun after lunch” 
the girl: screams, whines and cries while stomping her feet to the stairs, procedes to turn and yell “NO! I don’t want to” at me.  I tell her, she needs to stop it and if she doesn’t get going I’m going to spank her. She proceeds to scream and cry while stomping her feet up the stairs, to her room and slams the door. I wait a minute, then go up and tell her I don’t like it when she acts like that and it needs to stop. “If you have anger and negative energy us it up by cleaning your room”  and I leave.
meanwhile downstairs… the boy is in his room, door shut – also needs picking up. I have no idea what he is doing, but he isn’t being a bugger, so it’s ok by me right now. I have a feeling he’s playing and not cleaning.

I am SO VERY open to suggestions… 

I don’t want to have the shittiest summer ever. I want to enjoy these days… every 62 of them.


maybe I’ll make up a chart of some sort for them to “earn” stuff – whether it’s pool time, tv time, game time, computer time etc.   so many ‘points/stickers’  will earn rewards. including behavior…


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One Response to Summer Vacation

  1. danceITgirl Amanda says:

    “I’m ready to listen to you when you talk properly.” Sign them BOTH up for VBS – D is just nervous for being with other people. Help him out by saying he has to. The thing I need to remember/work on is not reacting when they react! lol We don’t really all need to be eye rolling and yelling at each other! lol OTher than that… good luck!

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