sunny day! :)

one sure sign of a good day ~ not knowing which day it is of summer vacay 😉  {lol}

Today we got to spend outside in the beautiful sunshine. It wasn’t hot or humid…

we met up with my friend Amanda & her kiddo’s, it was a great day. They splashed, swam, played & played & played some more followed by some more splashing and swimming and one last “dry off” at the park again.  We had timbits and popcorn for lunch (mom of the year) …but who had time to eat anyway?  I should get points for keeping them from getting sun burnt… burned?  {totally over thinking that word} 

Felix? really watching MasterChef – an asian looking chick named Felix?  she’s sporting princess Leia’s hairdo … weird.

I feel crafty but don’t really want to drag anything out that involves too much.

oh! so there’s a new smoking bylaw in this city, you aren’t allowed to smoke in City Parks. period. 
As a non smoker, of course I could give a rats butt about the feelings of those who smoke -sorry pals- it’s gross, it’s unhealthy and it stinks!  when there are children that can’t speak for themselves, I am not afraid to speak up on their behalf… and, well, so I did!   


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One Response to sunny day! :)

  1. danceITgirl Amanda says:

    Yes! Yes you did speak up! lol way to go! We had fun today too! I love that you realize that you need to plan to have a good summer! Planning is my thing! I’m thinking of having a card making fun night… so come and use my stuff! Love ya!

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