holy end of JULY!?

sorry teacher friends… but only 35 days left of vacay! 
I know who’s cringing  😉  LoL

so yes, day 30 of summer vacay ~ so far we are all still alive! yay!! Bummer tho’ we’ve really haven’t done anything too exciting, yet…




wait for it…..

this friday we will officially become TRAILER TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!! wooohoooo!!!!

yup! we bought a trailer. Can’t WAIT to go traveling in it! I think I’ll leave most of the driving up to mr. h for a while 😉

Jack is out on a date with Amy {his hairstylist} he is rather smitten with her, makes me well up a bit with jealousy, but I guess we all deserve happiness in our lives. 
Holly had surgery last week and we were told to make sure she keeps live “low key”.  HA!  ok, seriously?
have you met my family? b/c there is NOTHING ‘low-key’ about us!  she does seem to be naping a bit more than usual, and RAWRing a bit less.
Pearl, well, nothing to update. no swears since I cut back, so that’s a good thing! 😉 I am looking for a travelling size cage? for her while we travel.

i’ve been playing around a bit with paper crafts… I miss it. 
like a LOT!  {sigh}
thinking of skipping t’ball entirely just to play russian roulette with paper cuts this evening.

so ya.
that’s the update.


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One Response to holy end of JULY!?

  1. donna says:

    hoooray for Russian roulette for paper crafting injuries 🙂
    excited to see pics of your new mobile home (did I mention we are going camping mid-august??? you should bring the kidlets up for a few days!!!

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