It has not rained much all summer, but it would figure that we finally get our trailer, and the first full weekend of owning it, the forecast is RAIN, RAIN and more RAIN…  it’s bittersweet – b/c the earth NEEDS the rain. BADLY!  but it kinda makes for a lousy time to go camping – trailer or not.  aw, well. (hopefully we’ll get some fall camping in!)  

I bragged to the mr. the other night that I haven’t had to take head-meds for a while!! and leave it to me to open a big ass can of HEADACHE the next morning 😦  has been lingering ever since.

only 25 days left til back to school. I’ve been (mostly) enjoying our days together, although we also have had our moments of exacerbation… I suppose it could be something to do with the way they have been programmed. 

I have a lot on my mind, not stuff that I really want to spill out on here, mainly b/c it’s not my story to share. I should write a book! 

we all went to football practice last night – in the pouring rain. We were all chilled when it was over, so we went home to warm up with hot cocoa 😉  mid August hot cocoa. yup.


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2 Responses to figures

  1. Linda Ruddock says:

    Love it. You are getting good at this BLogging business.

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