Sand Hill Park

We are hooked! on trailer camping…  we went for a short get away {only about an hour and a little south of home} the weather was suppose to be wet and dreary but it turned out fine, sunny even. We’re glad we took the chance.  I relized, I kinda forgot to pull out the camera AT the campsite – and all my pics are at the beach.

our beach feet 🙂


so the thing about this place, is the hill you have to climb up and over and down again on the other side to get to the beach.  the “hill” of sand {is more like a mountain} is 350 feet high.  see the little people down there in the water?


you can see my hubs and our kiddo’s about mid-climb I can’t remember if they were going up or coming down… it really is a workout!


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2 Responses to Sand Hill Park

  1. danceITgirl Amanda says:

    holy cow that’s a huge hill! you guys all have the same size feet too! hehe

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