Brucedale conservation area/park

We discovered a hidden little gem! just north of Tiverton and south of Port Elgin, we found this PERFECT place!!
This is the main office.

of course we had to GET there first!
and you’d think after nearly 19 years, this guy would know that *I* know how to navigate!

Nestled in among the greeny you can see our “home” for the week! on perfectly described ‘Peace Lane’ couldn’t have been better named.
you can see the outline of my punks 😉

I wasn’t sure what time to plan for sunset – but one of the top things I looked forward to was sunsets! 🙂  on the first night, Jack was getting pretty impaitient

something i didn’t care to see/know about was the snakes…
{i’m not a snake person}
FINALLY! 1 of 4 sunsets…

 second night… my camera battery was SO close to dead.
I was really annoyed with myself about that.

However, I did capture one more on the 3rd night…

i snagged a pic of a moth that was just beautiful.

and of course, my infamous pic of making them all look at me while looking INTO the sun {snicker} 😉
the last night was a rip off… a cloud stole the sun.
I have to upload more pics from my phone….
but they aren’t really that ‘worth’ the effort

today my spunky little girl finished up her t’ball championships – they did great!


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2 Responses to Brucedale conservation area/park

  1. Matt says:

    I’ve been going camping at Brucedale since I was 3 years old with my family. And all I can say about the park is that the people are AWESOME and once you come visit you will never want to leave!

    (I am now 27)

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