happy long weekend :)

good thing we had no plans of travelling this weekend…
our truck is in the shop!

and we have no idea for how long, they aren’t sure what’s causing the engine light to keep coming on – even after doing a couple things that they thought would fix it.  We were set up with a rental car, a chevy impala – it’s alright, however, I personally wouldn’t choose to buy one.

we should be ready for back to school – and realistically we pretty well are. I do however, need to probably get some more pants and uniform shirts for the kids. they will probably get away with shorts for a bit longer {i hope!} 😉

I really need to get this house of ours ship-shape! feels like turmoil all of the time. I want to get back into scrapbooking I miss it.  I need to pre-occupy mind mind. So I don’t feel like this 90% of the day…

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3 Responses to happy long weekend :)

  1. donna says:

    Happy long weekend!!!
    Lets get together to scrapbook sometime
    Miss you Niblet!!

  2. jenhoover says:

    miss you too chick! {hug}

  3. danceITgirl Amanda says:

    I know what can keep you busy for the first few weeks of September!! LOL Praying for you… and your house!

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