deary me…

my darling children, what is so difficult to understand?
it is NOT my fault that you have to do homework.
the more you argue and fight about doing it, the more time is wasted that you could be doing something else that you actually enjoy.
is this really complicated?
the “rule” {so I’m told} is 10 min. per grade… *respectively, 20 & 50 minutes. Well, we are now 30 in and I do believe not a reasonable amount of ANYTHING is accomplished. however, I know that my son is VERY capable of driving his sister absolutely crazy – to the point of threatening to throw a pencil at him, to which of course, he responds “ya? well, if you do, I’ll throw this drinking jar at you!”
oh, children, how I love thee…
and to make matters better,
you are both so much like ME! 😛

this week is a pretty busy one around here, but it’s GORGEOUS weather – MY kind of weather… today’s inside high 22.7C  crack open a window or 3 and I get to bake my heart out! 😀

Thursday my darling mer-monster turns {seven} 7!!!!! is that even possible?
I’m planning to make cakepops to share at school, then we’ll have cake that evening followed by rushing off to football…
Friday I will have a delightful array of sweet goodness to present my friend Amanda with for her sister’s stag & doe 😉

I’m excited to get my apron on! 😀   {small things, ya, nevermind!}

hmm, what else?

I lost my casino rama virginity last thursday ~ along with Great Big Sea 😀  (lol)
the mr. and I spent the night and it was wonderful to be free from our interrupting offspring.  we didn’t gamble – I didn’t feel a good vibe so we went and had midnight wings (1/2 price) instead. we also had to drive to our hotel so we weren’t drinking… it was an awesome concert, 2 encores, AND seeing Séan dancing and getting his groove on was like the cherry on top of the sundae! oh and let’s not forget the Johnny Cash tribute… {sigh} 20 more days, and I’ll grinning ear to ear 😀

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