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been sleeping a LOT  – i feel like a bear, getting ready to hibernate.

this week was the school BBQ and meet the teacher night… now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think my kids are perfect – and if you just recently showed up on my life journey wagon, you have a LOT to learn about me 😉   so I know that my son is having issues with bringing homework home. His teacher and I are getting on top of it, and it all seems to be falling into place {so far} so I thought I’d talk to hear after saying a brief hello to my daughter’s teacher {whom for the record, has already taught my son, and whom I have also volunteered in her class – the bottom line, I know her, she knows me – we would totally not be pals outside of the school}  I expected to just say a quick and simple, ‘hello, how’s it going, good, see ya later’.
her: “hi mrs. h we’ve already met” [extends hand with delayed reaction for a handshake] ~duh
me: “um, ya!?” [causally trying to make her look less weird]  “so I just thought I’d pop by to say hi, and the girl wanted to show me her desk” {which is neat as a pin – probably b/c it’s 95% empty – where the heck is all the stuff that I HAD to buy on the list???} moving on.
her: [with insanely serious face] “well, no everything is not ok”
me: “uh, WHAT??? what’s wrong? is the girl too chatty?”
her: “no, she hardly says a word, and works WAY too slow”
me:  hmm, “does she ask for help? does she say when she doesn’t understand something?”
her: “well, I can’t have them interupting, i teach the lesson and move on”
me: “so you are saying she can’t ask questions?”
her: “not after I’m finished the lesson”
me: [incredibly confused look] “so what does she do then?”
her: “she just sits there quietly”
me: hmm…. let me see here now, am *I* the only one confused here?

I followed up by saying, “well, I’ll have a chat with her, about paying attention and making sure to interupt while you are teaching {?} and since I know other parents are wanting to chat with you, maybe we can schedule a meeting another time…”

walking down the hall I was at a loss, I KNEW I was going to the boy’s class and I KNEW issues were ahead…

I got there, found his desk and dumped it out and went through EVERY SINGLE BOOK and PAPER.  His teacher is absolutely fabulous! we chatted, both sides made perfect sense, and we’re good!  {DONE}

I have a headache.

mr. h has been working on the house!!!   YAY!!!!!
seems, I won’t be doing danceit this session – he has made it quite clear that if I am not here, he can’t function.  and we need him to FUNCTION!


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One Response to title goes here ;)

  1. Linda Ruddock says:

    I am glad to see that parent/teacher nights have not changed since you went to school. And you are absolutely right you do need Mr. H to “FUNCTION”. I am loving your sporadic blogs.
    Love you, Mom

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