sleep is for the weak

Who needs sleep?  I have a life to live!

I wonder if I’m the only one with thoughts as random as mine… today I saw these 2 ladies both with a walker,  neither of them paying any attention to the fact they were walking right in the middle of the driveway leading out to a major street, I wondered if they were indeed oblivious or living the life of wanting others to slow down. Either way it is true. People have created our lives to be so rushed, you really have no other choice but to multi-task at LEAST 10 things at a time.  I know I don’t belong in the city – I am pretty sure I don’t even belong in this province.

Getting ready to head off for a family fall excursion, hoping to have a relaxing and fun time. I have laundry to do, packing, planning, booking….

I got a new phone! I was going to get the iphone 4S and left with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and she’s a beauty!  😉

my thoughts are scrambled today – nothing too unusual.

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