that was awesome!

the hubs and I took the rugrats to the capital city of Canada for an extended fall getaway – it was remarkable! The beauty that is in nature is mind blowing. I found myself over and over just starring at the gorgeous colours of the trees changing seasons. I am so blessed.   I am near certain there wasn’t a single moment that needed a ‘time-out’ (certainly a miracle in itself) I even proved to myself, my kids and mr. h that it indeed was possible to educate while not in an institution.

we went to Quebec via Gatineau park… it was gorgeous, the beauty of it all was just breath taking. We were on our way to Wakefield to see Séan McCann & Andrew O’Brien, at the Black Sheep. Even tho’ I wish we had of gotten there earlier, the time we had was awesome!  we hung out after the show and got to meet Andrew O’Brien & Catherine Allan, and the awesome as ever Séan McCann 😉  Séan had put out a tweet about travelling light, and mentioned that if anyone had a bodhran lying around he’d try to play it – low and behold I was hoping for him to just sign one of mine and so I had brought it with us… not ONLY did he sign one, but he played them – both!  and omg! they WORK!!! {lol} and they sounded awesome!  The pictures we got were terrible – and I was utterly disappointed about that 😦  I made sure to get my new camera/phone before this weekend started, with the main reason to be able to rely on good pics &/or video… one problem was the lighting and then our one on one pics – were way too dark  – even tho’ we had the flash on. I think the settings got messed up.
the memories I will keep forever… 🙂


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