not responsible.

you’ve been warned. i’m have a shit day. i feel like shit, my hair is frizzy, i was told to drink less coffee and lose weight.  I appologize to all who have or need to cross paths with me today.  {i must admit however, that i do put up a half decent fake-front}

as if I needed to have my family dr. make an appointment for me to be told to lose 25 pounds and increase one of my meds.  seriously?  gah! I wanted to poke the guy right in the left eye!  jerk.  he doesn’t know me at all!  first thing I wanted was MORE COFFEE!  i can’t help it, if somebody tells me you can’t have *fill in the blank* it’s the first thing I want and think about ALL.DAY.LONG! I’m already on a hiatus for eating healthy and excercising – i KNOW that i need to get moving and prepare meals blah blah blah… i just need to be ready or it’s all just a waste of effort!

I’m also struggling with thing 2 and her teacher… I have a request for a meeting.  if I don’t get what I need/want, I’m going to the principal – I’m not going to ‘see if it gets better’ we have had this teacher before and let me give you a little hint… It wouldn’t matter how LOUD you yell at somebody, if they don’t speak the language, guess what sunshine, they aren’t going to GET IT!  {eyeroll}

right now, I feel like somebody jammed my head into a vice and they are cranking it tighter and tighter… pretty soon my skull is going to crush in. my left eye is going to pop out and if I’m lucky, it will go away before i have to pick up the kiddo’s from school.

never a dull moment around here!


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