fRiDaY! at last…

today seems like a pretty good day. it is only 9:30 in the morning, however, it’s my favourite day of the week!!  Ally wanted to race her friend this a.m to the corner, but the friend doesn’t like to race if she isn’t going to win or get a decent head start {Ally runs like a gazelle}  so I said out of the blue – “I’ll race ya!”  I had my berkies on and totally had to keep a decent jogging pace to keep up with her! lol the crossing gaurd, noticed I was visibly out of breath {we only live 4 houses from the corner} I felt somewhat ashamed when I answered her “are you still jogging?” with a big FAT “no”  😦   I hate the pressure that builds up in my head and the feeling that it’s pulsing when it’s already hot out… I only jogged about 3 times or so since the summer… I don’t *really* have a desire to start it again, except for the days I am feeling self concious about my weight/appearance.


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