I had a disaster zone… let’s face it, I’m sure everyone has at least one area that they wish was organized right?

Look what Family Matters Organizing Service helped me with today!

my kitchen before…

Pretty scary huh?  😉

BUT!  have no fear…  Christina from Family Matters Organizing Services came to my rescue 😀  and look at what she helped me accomplish!!!  {see below}

mind blowing!   It feels SO good!!! 😀

thanks again Christina!!

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3 Responses to because FAMILY MATTERS!

  1. danceITgirl Amanda says:

    now what are you going to put in the blank areas?! hehe

  2. jenhoover says:

    LoL Amanda ~ I’m going to enjoy the nothing-ness!!! 😉 smarty pants

  3. When did this happen, I remember thinking that it was pretty amazing that you knew exactly where everything was that you were looking for on Monday when I was there. This looks great I love it.

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