the time has come

It has occurred to me that a lot goes on in this head of mine, and when I go on writing hiatus, much ALL, becomes forgotten. Sometimes it might not matter, but I am sure there could be at least one person in the world universe that just might have a better day after reading about my bizzare life.
Recently, I have been given the most wonderful gift, the opportunity to do grade 5 all over again. Is that a blessing or what? Now don’t waste your time being jealous, I have earned this privilage. (as if it wasn’t bad enough the first time!) Oh the first time…. how I have no interest at all in having a memory affair with my 5th grade year. I was aTomboy. There was no denying it…in true fan style the hulkamania t’shirt was worn with pride. I lived for WWF (& I’m not talking wildlife!)  I’m sure there were many days that my hair didn’t see a brush. I had the biggest crush on a guy that had the same initials as me & I would have, for sure, DIED if he ever knew!  Anyway, so ya, grade five for me was about being a diehard wwf wrestling fan. Homework shmomework!  😉
  Finally, a weekend for some R&R.

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2 Responses to the time has come

  1. donnastamps1971 says:

    Count me among the people in the world / universe who likes reading about your life adventures 🙂

  2. danceITgirl Amanda says:

    haha so Dawson gets his love for homework (shmomework) from… STEVE! I get it now! I really do! LOL

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