catchy witty title goes here

What can i say? sometimes I run out of catchy witty titles…

It never fails, I have gobsmacks of ideas to blog/write about then by the time I get to it all awesome ideas have been robbed from my memory. NEVER.FAILS.


so I find myself looking around for triggers on what the heck I was going to say. The news is on, Pearl is chattering away some things I haven’t got a clue what she’s saying, but shortly after some chatter she breaks out into laughter so I guess as long as she thinks she’s funny it’s all good 😉

I am procrastinating right now. I have crocheting to be working on, and instead I am sitting here … {obviously} not crocheting.  I’d love to take the time & efforts to have a kick ass etsy site, but OH!!! I remember what I was going to blog about 😉

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this much before, but apparently when I said “I do” 13 years ago, I was saying that I’d DO the laundry.  so when the mr. is getting low on underoo’s he will ask if I’m planning to do laundry soon… Well, the on the last episode of “my crazy life” he did the laundry, wait, let me rephrase… he juggled the flipping from washer to dryer repeat.  Ok, now go ahead and pick up your jaw, I’ll wait…
oh, your back? ok
good, where was I? oh, yes, the laundry {eyeroll} Since ALL the laundry is caught up, yes, I just typed that, ALL THE LAUNDRY IS CAUGHT UP! O.O  I’ve pinched myself a few times.. it hurts!  I decided to attempt to keep it caught up – I had started a load a day plan, yesterday I did 2 loads – all this babbling, to say, that this morning when the mr. was getting dressed he looked at the floor {where he piles his dirty laundry RIGHT.BESIDE the empty laundry basket} and saw no dirty laundry. He didn’t say anything but I think he relized that I did more than lay on the couch, watching tv & eating bonbons.
I also got 2 coats painted in the CRAZY pink room – it is SO pink.  I’m talking INSANE.

ok, enough of this nonsense!

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One Response to catchy witty title goes here

  1. janetfctc says:

    I have lots of laundry here you could do if you’re needing some MORE work hehe. Plus.. I HATE painting. Feel free to come get our boys rooms done 😀

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