makin’ mittens


My friend Tina has a really unique pair of mittens that I just HAD to try making. So I got my hands on a wool sweater, washed it in hot water and threw it in the dryer – NOTE: unless you WANT to shrink a sweater, I do NOT reccomend doing that.
I found a pattern online on this blog chicenvelopements. They have provided a complete step by step on how to make these mittens. I found the pattern to fit rather small, and I have smallish hands. I tried them on my 7 year old daughter and they are a bit big on her, but also small on my 10 year old son.



I made the inner part of the mittens with a quilt batting called Warm & Natural. I wasn’t a huge fan of the way it fit. I’m unsure if it was the fabric or the shape of the pattern. I was certain that I had fleece, *which is what I was planning to use* but then recalled that I had already used it for a dog bed (that the dog loved so much he ate it)




I had cut out 2 pair before relizing I wasn’t lovin’ the pattern. I am planning to make more but will be trying a different pattern.

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2 Responses to makin’ mittens

  1. donnastamps1971 says:

    wow those are awesome!!

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