it’s true.

turns out I am one of THOSE people.

you know the kind that forget at times that other peoples’ stupidity isn’t their fault?
I can’t help it if *I* am not a morning person.

I was asked to volunteer (isn’t that kinda of an oxymoron?) b/c I think it is.
Today is pancake day. The parent council made pancakes {from a BOX!} for all the kids, but since a few members were working, they asked me to help out.
NOW, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind helping out… BUT! when I have only had ONE cup of coffee, I think I shouldn’t be required to place nice with others – just give me a job and leave me alone.  If I have a question, and you give me the long answer instead of just giving me a number – I’m going to bark at you. It’s just my nature.  ~for the record, I did appologize. Happy?~
I don’t know how people can work standing on their feet ALL DAY – I only got up at 7:30 and finally sat for the first time 5 hours later and I swear if my feet could talk, they’d tell me off!  I even wore my good shoes WITH my insoles…

so ya.

it’s pancake day – and we are planning to have REAL pancakes for supper with REAL syrup and homemade sausage 😀 YUM!!  I love nights when supper isn’t only preplanned but it’s easy too!

I bought my kiddo’s some valentine’s cards to give to their classmates, I was actually expecting my son to tell me that he wasn’t doing it…but I’m happy that he is! 🙂 I want to do something fun for them on Thursday – just have to figure it out yet.  I’m thinking *MAYBE* I’ll get up early and make them a big breakfast – maybe some heart shape messages to wake up to… I’m sure I’ll think of something 😉


I think I’m done.  I might just vegetate a while til school lets out.

don’t forget to tweet #BellLetsTalk today!

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One Response to it’s true.

  1. DanceIT girl says:

    so… what did you do for valentine’s day?! oh wait, I know… I remember… baked, baked, baked all morning long!

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