fresh thoughts

Before my mind is corrupted by all things online – and before I am distracted beyond return, I figured it was a good time to write.   I have absolutely *nothing* of any importance to write about – however, that is the story of my life, and I’m good with that (most days)

…note mr. green hat Séan McCann…
My most favorite band EVER is starting their XX (TWENTIETH) year of banding {grin} together. Kinda ironic, mr. hoover and I also are in our XX year since we ‘hooked up’.  Great Big Sea is starting out in California – could they be any further from home? ok, well I suppose they could be, but, well… anyway.  thanks to the twitterverse I feel like I can follow along a bit more than if tweeting was non-exisitant. Woah, remember life before we all knew what everyone’s play by play day was like?  I think about how much we’d miss!!  Thanks to facebook, I actually feel connected to family and friends that I would otherwise, not hear from or see… of course, that also comes with a lot time wasting too. Time that I could spend doing other crap, that I probably don’t want to do.  😉

guess it’s time to go do … something!

We all know I could babble all day about, OH! forgot I am taking part in this photo-a-day thing for the month of March. There is a list of words, and each day you snag a pic of something – I have been wanting to tackle the photo-a-day 365, but let’s face it, I can’t remember to take a picture everyday – I mean, I suppose I could take a really lame pic of SOMETHING, but then what’s the point?  Since march is a busy month, I thought it might be fun … we’ll see.  I was thinking it would be fun to print it out at the end… we’ll see. It is day 5 and the word is Under, of COURSE my mind jumps to underwear, but that’s so childish… {grin}  but under… I’m thinking that there will be a lot of underwear pics, and under table pics – I want something that will be at least a little bit worth possibly printing.

I wonder if my neighbour still reads my blog – just noticed a mercedes in her driveway 😉

Summer of ’69 (Bryan Adams) just came on the radio – another GBS memory of our sing-a-longs! 😀  Can’t WAIT for April 10th!!!  I bought pre-sale tickets paid a hefty $100 each but SO.WORTH.EVERY.CENT!  eeeeek!!!! 😀 ❤

I’m running out of thoughts and I need a coffee, and I need to check in to the lives of my family and friends that live in my computer.

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3 Responses to fresh thoughts

  1. DanceIT girl says:

    is there a GBS song with UNDER in it?

  2. Mom says:

    I love the crazy things that you write about here.

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