a little tainted

I did a few things before blogging today, so my thoughts are a little tainted, but choosing to blog should be a good enough appology, right? 😉

I don’t know if my body is one with the earth and all that naturally surrounds it or what – I mean, I have no real reason to feel so honkin’ tired but I am. I keep thinking with the upcoming time change, maybe I am pysching myself up b/c I KNOW I will be a grumpy momma bear until I get use to losing an HOUR of sleep… seriously, who comes up with these incredibly STUPID ideas??? I mean ya I guess in the summer it is kinda nice to have longer days, but let’s be honest, telling the kids to go to bed when the sun has only set like an hour or less before? the genius could NOT have been a parent.

The weather is suppose to be kick’arse this weekend! last night the snow wasn’t falling it was POURING from sky! If the picture uploads, you’ll be able to see it, then, today {fingers crossed} all going to MELT away!! I won’t deny it, I actually like snow… I know, I know, and YES I do shovel it! and yes, I know it’s HEAVY! but there is something so peaceful about it, that’s the part I love like, let’s not get carried away now! 😉
Today is the last day before the kiddo’s are out of school for the March Break… you know, it was a HUGE shock to me to learn that once you are out of school, you don’t get a break mid march {I guess unless you book your holidays that way… or you are a teacher} my birthday falls on the march break, and I decided the other day to quit counting, and just enjoy celebrating instead… b/c let’s face it who wants to say how many years ago you were born, I think I’m going to just start saying how old I feel – and yes somedays I feel a LOT younger, and then others definitely older 😛   makes SO much better sense to me.

wow! I’m doing pretty awesome at rambling right, especially since I have only had 1 cup of coffee and I haven’t mentioned GREAT BIG SEA yet!!  BAZINGA!!!
Great Big Sea…  seriously.  I ADORE these guys, SO much!!!
{take notice Séan is playing barefoot} 😉 LoL

ok …If I’m going to get ANYTHING done today… I will definitely be requiring more coffee! Oh ya!! how could I forget!! COFFEE! :O
So I had seen and bought a Mr. Coffee {Keurig} last year when I seen it for a whopping $44!!!!! never had a problem with it… fast forward ~> I was out returning something at the store I avoided ALL of February (b/c I HATE it) and noticed a posting for recalls. I jotted down the web address and sure enough, my single use machine was part of the recall… fast forward again to yesterday mr. i.drive.a.brown.truck.full.of.goodies showed up with not only a new machine for me but it’s an EVEN BETTER THAN I HAD new machine. {in my best Phil Robertson voice} I was Happy Happy Happy! 😀



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One Response to a little tainted

  1. DanceIT girl says:

    cool! I’m glad we went to Walmart that day!! Enjoy your new coffee maker… enjoy march break… enjoy your birthday!

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