new hope

tonight the mr. & I went out for wings, early bday dinner before the kiddo’s come home tomorrow. I have spent a few days helping out with the drywalling in our basement. I don’t really do much, just hold the board up while mr. puts the screws in. I am anxious for the reno’s to be done… 4+ years and there is still lots to do.
Tomorrow marks 37 years since the day I was born. I don’t really have any plans or desires but I did get a little boost this evening. Chances are likely, that he has no idea that he is an inspiration to me. Everyone has a reason for their habits, and I am no different. My favourite singer & songwriter, wrote words that gave me new hope. Tomorrow, for my birthday, I am planning to start running again. No more lame excuses. I know that I can do it, and when I am ready to quit, I am going to push on…the pain is only temporary. My heartfelt thanks Séan (even though you will most likely NEVER see or read this) lol 
I also want to be a more consistant blogger/writer… but one thing at a time, eh? 😉
Thanks to my ma for putting up with me for so long 😛  sorry to inform, but I don’t plan to change my witty ways.
love, live, laugh.

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