20 years!

2 decades.
a lot can take place in twenty years. I am not about to list an example… my husband and I started dating 20 years ago, we have both gone through many changes, some as individuals some as a couple. We spend most of our days apart but at the end of the day we are united again. At times I long for the hours to go by so I can spend time with him, but then sometimes we are on different mood-planets and being together for too much time isn’t always a good thing. Imagine a band being together for 20 years? that’s a long time.
Last night I got to spend the evening celebrating with Great Big Sea (BEST band EVER!) it’s their band-adversary, 20 years. As an *eager* fan I jumped on tickets as soon as the very first pre-sale was offered. I got roped into believing that I was getting perks with my purchase. Perks that included, VIP seating, Valet parking, Backstage passes, Lounge drinks/access…
Ya. There was NONE of that.
Our seats were good, not VIP. We sat center stage, row B – sounds awesome, as row B *sounds* like 2nd row right? -WRONG. there is AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, GG, HH, A, then B – so all in all, still good seats. I would have been SO.MUCH.HAPPIER if the REALLY bad, old, comb-over dude wasn’t blocking most of my view…HamiltonPlaceSeatingFinal12utrzpz

Before the show, I met up with Donna, Christa & Shannon for supper. Once we got to the venue, I met up with Tammy & Gary and ran into Brenda and Cathy too. It was fun to see some friends that share musical interests 🙂 I wanted to make and bring the band some gifts, but I ended up stressing out about whether they’d “like” what I was planning, so much so, that I didn’t end up doing it at all… I did however, make some Irish carbomb cupcakes!!   who knew it would be such an ordeal to deliver them?!  I finally heard via Twitter that they did get them {yay!!}
onto the show…
I do think that being front row, is best for picture taking 😉  but honestly Hamilton place, sound-wise, there really isn’t a bad seat in the place.  The boys did a wonderful job engaging the audience with laughter, singing, shouting, dancing and even complete silence. It did seem apparent that Séan McCann wasn’t entirely into the show, I noticed a couple songs that he has solo parts in were skipped, however, then he would belt it out! Every time I hear him sing Mari Mac I think his head is going to pop off!
I have always enjoyed Séan’s voice and demeanor over the rest of the band, HOWEVER! I really do enjoy & love all of them!! 😀  Bob Hallett, looked & sounded GREAT! I have found in shows past, Bob seems exhausted – last night that was NOT the case, and there were plenty of beautiful smiles and he sounded AWESOME!! I love listening to Bob, and watching his many talents… ~wonderful!
Alan Doyle, is such a delight to watch perform. He really would be fun to hang out with and I bet he has some pretty fun tales to tell… I enjoy watching him “rock out” {even tho’ I’m a ~shanty~ kinda girl} 😉  the smile on that guy is simply gorgeous!
Kris & Murray weren’t really hamming up the show as they have, however, they too were definitely fun to see/hear.
and then there’s Séan… the music that floods me with happiness. I could listen to him all day, everyday…oh, wait, I have! {blush}  I noticed last night that he didn’t seem 100%  maybe I’m partial to his smaller venue solo stuff – I was hoping for General Taylor, but was thankful for hearing England. I was thrilled with just seeing them all!
I’m not sure I’m going to be chasing them all over the place for this tour.
I want to keep my GBS XX experience special ~ and they delivered.
my pictures weren’t spectacular, but they will suffice.
thank you Great Big Sea for 20 years of awesome!

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  1. donna says:

    Hey lady…because I “heart” you (and your blog) I nominated you for a Liebster Award.
    Here’s a link to my blog for the details…share the bloggy love 🙂

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