view from here

-the airport designers shouldn’t make things so confusing
-i wouldn’t have sat waiting for an announcement from the wrong terminal
-that guy really was gargomal?
-the happy big guy that helped me deserves a better job
-the hot tea really *IS* too hot
-i am beyond tired

One thing that I do know for sure, the airport is definitely one BUSY place. I would be loving it a lot more if I didn’t have MUCH  better things to be doing!

I was kinda excited on the first flight, there were only 7? people aboard so we got moved to 1st class.


Finally saw my flight to Knoxville up on the board and of course it was running a bit behind schedule, I mean, why wouldn’t it be?

I took the opportunity to hit the restroom, b/c it’s not like I was sitting around for HOURS ON END!

FINALLY.  we were loading up onto a bus that I’m pretty sure Forrest Gump with Bubba.  it shore was shnazzy 😉
loaded onto plane and I have never sat at the back before, it’s LOUD! However, I shall NOT complain.

been on the go now for 12 hours, I think it takes 12 hours to drive there. just sayin.
It’s just past 2pm at the time I am writing this… I should probably try to sleep but, well…


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