one of “those” people

Let’s face it. we ALL know one of “those” people… You know the kind, the people that are nice. the people who let other’s cut them off in traffic & don’t even curse under their breath. the people who hold the door for one person but then 5 people later… they are still holding the door. the people who are waiting in the insanely, too long of a line, at the walmart customer service dept. 3 days post Christmas to return/exchange crap only to have the obviously, MUST be on drugs, twitchy guy butt in line, and pause to think about whether or not to say something… well my friends, today, I snapped! alright, so i gave twitchy the benefit of the doubt, I clearly asked, “I sorry,  did you not see me standing here?” yep. i did. i honestly did ponder if he could possibly have a freeze-ray in his backpack, but i mean this IS walmart i’m talking about. you really just NEVER know. i was sure to watch my back the entire life sucking time i was in there. and just to be extra careful i removed my ‘oh there she is in her insanely, BRIGHT, red jacket!’ just to blend in, only I didn’t have my pyjamas on, so blending was, in part, a bit difficult.
I felt a bit like a bitch, but I am ALWAYS the push over; and i KNEW i was not in the wrong! 
Once I was on my way to my truck, I walked past not one but 2 police cruisers one with a backseat passenger… gotta love Hellmart, er, walmart.

another rant i am about to go all soapbox on is the bullshit that is fed to your brain about resolutions. The attire that is screaming BUY ME! right now is ‘workout’ or clothes.  It kinda makes me ranty. People seriously just need to start being decent human beings! That’s what is important in life. Respect one another. If you want to join a gym, then do it… i hate new years resolutions. you do not need a new year for a new beginning. Just make a choice and stick to it!

I have goals, and I am not waiting for a new year to be a decent human!

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