ketch’ing up

what is up with me?!?
I have been sleeping in til past 11a.m most days.. I mean I have also been staying up til near midnight, probably something to do with it.
Today I swear my kid spent 75% of the day in her pj’s – she got dressed and primptly began harassing her dad to take her skating. Reminding both of us every 1/2 hour what time it was, and sometimes, if we were lucky, we’d get a 5 minute update too.
So we pulled out all the skates, helmet etc. and off we went to chedoke twin pad arena. Of course we had to take a tour to get there… as we had never been there before and we are unfamiliar with that part of town. I was reluctant to even put my skates on, especially once the 2nd skate was SO insanely tight to put on my foot. I literally have to CRAM my foot in. I knew the pain was coming… we stepped out onto the ice and my feet felt cramped INSTANTLY! The pain was so severe that I wanted to cut off my own legs at the knees. Every person that was in my way had no idea how close they came to being run over while I raced my way one painful shove of blade after the other. Once I got off the ice you’d think the pain would magically subside, let me inform you, it did not. I got one foot torture device off and the other was impossible to remove. Probably something to do with the painful cramps clenching my foot into something resembling more of a stump than an actual foot. The mr. could barely contain himself with fits of laughter while I barely stood upright for him to remove the foot torturing contraption. Thankfully once I had my shoes on both of my feet uncurled from their stumps and forgave me for torturing them. Evil. I have determined that even though you might have enjoyed something in your youth, it does not mean, under any circumstances, you should do it as an adult.

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