so another year bit the dust. I could surely ramble on about it, but my name’s surely NOT Shirley! 😉
2013 was a fast year. It felt like it was just beginning the other day. My favourite band celebrated 20 years of making music and memories… I’d love to know all the tales they have to tell, including all the reasons for Séan to depart from the band to *hopefully* do his own thing. His 3rd solo album is set to be released January 29th… to say, “i can’t wait” is a complete understatement!! it would be like saying, ya… cookies & ice-cream?
i guess.

I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! I am desparately hoping Séan chooses to tour at least a little! I enjoy his voice and his dedication immensely 🙂

2014 is off to a strong and determined start. I plan to take this year by the horns and steer the days in the direction *I* choose. I am going to nail the negative self talk and instead put my energy & focus on the positive things I want in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I am a VERY, critical, sarcastic & witty chick, but let’s be honest, nobody likes a b!tch.
I can’t gaurantee that there won’t be moments …

I hate resolutions.
Incase you wondered.
I think while it’s all dandy to set up a goal and feel like you are beginning a new leaf it’s stupid to convince yourself that *January 1st* is any different than starting anew the other 364 days in a year. Perhaps since many people fail their “resolutions” before the end of January, it might be a clue NOT to start on that date every year. I have decided I am not going to start anything new… I plan to continue being the best human I can be.

Ok, I might try a little harder, but no way am I starting today!

here’s to a productive and successful 2014!

(and maybe the odd bad day once in a bit)
but nothing that a nap won’t fix 😉

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