my own.

not always, but more often than not, I delete a LOT before I start to feel ok with what thoughts start spilling out here. for instance, this time it took four attempts before i was settled with continuing. i think i have a few too many (ie. more than one) voices in my head, I often struggle with which one is the real me.

I am so tired of the disasterous state our house is in… I need to take Christmas down, I don’t remember leaving it up this long …EVER! I have asked & told the kiddo’s numerous times to pick up their belongings, however… they are still scattered all over the place.
whatever. it’s just not a battle i feel like tackling right now.
i feel so loved and blessed to have my hubs & kiddo’s home with me. I am not exactly looking forward to the return of all the drama Monday brings. i guess it’s inevitable.
I suppose i do look forward to a bit of order… but only a bit.

time to flip the wash, and get more sewing done.  i wonder if a nap is in the picture?

something i love; when thoughts are completely my own ♥
Look at that!
another post about practically nothing.
well let’s do a promo-countdown

my favourite’st song writer, musician & singer, Séan McCann is releasing his 3rd solo album Help Your Self on January 29th!! Séan McCann
(that’s 27 days)
I am anxious to hear details on whether he chooses to tour a bit with it. If so, hopefully he’ll play somewhere I can manage to get to without breaking the bank. 🙂

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