things i love

i just LOVE being reminded of how i suck at stuff… like you know mundane things like loading the dishwasher →.←
tomorrow everyone goes back to their ‘regular’ schedules, i find myself betwixed. as much as i don’t want the routine to begin, i suppose it’s inevitable… 3 weeks flew by so fast but now i bet the next 25 days will be slow as mountain man tells a story. hellllllllllllo…….willlllllllllie……. poke me in the eye!
what’t in 25 days that I would be excited about? hmmm… well…
Séan McCann’s 3rd solo album!!
Help Your Self.
i’m a bit excited… pre-ordered 😀

other things…
today i made my own bailey’s. it is SO good!! not as *heartburny* as the real stuff. I used 40 Creek rather than real Irish whiskey.

i love sleep. it isn’t loving me so much these days…  hoping to get that turned around quick.

i hate not being able to remember stuff. people laugh when i say i have CRS, but, let me assure you… it’s not fun.
CRS is NOT a made up ailment. Forgetting what you are saying or thinking mid thought/sentence SUCKS.
i have been blogging for years… probably around 8years. I should consider gettin my old blogs printed into books!
anywho, off to battle the monster formetly known as sleep.
Wishing all my friends; moms, teachers & students a successful & creative 2014 8)

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