not as alone as i thought…

do you ever think sometimes you are the only…weird one? I mean, I’ve accepted and have embraced weird, so it TOTALLY does NOT offend me one bit.  I am pretty sure if you are offended to be labelled as weird, you are that ‘other’ kind of weird, and, well… i’m not going there.
ANYWAY. So I use to think I was more ‘alone’ in my random & weird little world, turns out.. i’m not so alone after all!  it just seems most peeps don’t broadcast or announce their weirdness. Let me tell you, it’s like a fountain of rainbows & balloons & skittles when i come across other people that share in putting the random out there it makes me want to run out into the street and cheer I am not alone!!!! 

My world is a bit upside down (more than usual)  i am trying not to be stressed out, it’s not who i am. but for the love of all things, i wish i could just have and keep a clean & decluttered house.

m’eh…. whatever.

moose is in the crockpot and i made cupcakes, what more do they want from me…

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