quiet & peaceful

ever since i can remember, i have been able to easily occupy myself. i am an artist and therefore i was wired with a VERY vivid imagination. to this day if ever i needed to rely on entertaining myself, i rarely struggle. i quite enjoy the tranquility of silence. i can easily tap into day dreaming at any given time.
sometimes i struggle though, i have a tendancy to forget my thoughts and words, and it happens at embarassing times – such as when i am talking to people that don’t know me very well. i flip it into a funny because it is easier to laugh at myself than to cry.
i spend most of my days alone. and i KNOW that i not only talk to myself, but totally answer too! 🙂
i have been soending the past couple weeks reflecting…
i have listened to Séan McCann’s new song SO many times.
Help Your Self
it is a catchy tune and it keeps bringing me back to listen again!
have a listen! 😉  you’ll see..

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