so i say…

there is a lot to be said about people.
I enjoy seeing the moment when people click! you know, when suddenly they get it!
As I’d be the first to admit, I haven’t always been ‘positive polly’ and I don’t think life is a bowl of cherries and fragrant roses! I chose to have a different outlook on my life only a few short years ago. I found that I had a choice; I could live in the shadows of my past and hopefully get by unnoticed, or I could try to look at every negative thing as a lesson and learn from it.
Some lessons in my life were difficult. Some I couldn’t change; trust me I tried!
I can’t pinpoint the when exactly, but I want to believe it hit me when I was having my daughter extracted from me with my guts on the table. I truly put my life in God’s hands. I prayed and I know He heard me. I prayed that whatever He wanted I was trusting. If it was my time to be with Him, I was ready.
That was a huge amount of trust. Whenever I tell this story to people, they often feel moved. Can you honestly say and mean that you trust God with your life?

Daily things are quite trivial to me. I am a really lousy housekeeper. When I was growing up my step-dad, step monster, was mean… he really was! I won’t rake him over the coals, because karma got him.
He made me clean everyday… 4 kids (at school all day) 2 adults (at work all day), always baffled me on how he figured the house was dirty ? anyway, I think that might be why I HATE cleaning. I think there are better things to do with my life.
My friends probably talk about me, and really, whatever…

I have creative talents; I was blessed to be able to use my talents as I try to serve others. When problems arise (like our dryer going on strike last night)  Some might think I have a good reason to be frustrated or mad even! but really… what good will it do me? we have a million other things for my I will do it all myself husband to do. I can always hang the laundry up to dry.

If I woke up one day and lost my ability to be creative, I would be lost. So while my life isn’t full of snowflakes that stay on my nose & eyelashes… I do remind myself daily (some days multiple times daily)
It could be worse.
I also get by with a LOT of laughter, mostly at myself. 
So the next time you knock something over and leaves you with a big mess to clean up, look at the bits that didn’t fall out of the jar!
If your dryer decides to quit working unexpectedly, be glad you can hang your clothes to dry.  When you have to shovel for the third time, be glad you are able bodied. Kids toys taking up space around the house? be glad it’s not hospital equipment.
And the next time you see someone else who is struggling, offer them a hand… and a reminder, it could be worse!

woah… I got all serious there!
not like me.

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