Help Your Self

well it seems i have been without words, if you’d buy that, have I got a deal for YOU!
for real though…
I really DO have someone to tell you about; Séan McCann.  He released his newest album, it’s his story through song about his struggles including alcohol and anger wrapped up to a completely addicting (in a good way) album called ‘Help Your Self’  that is only available through his website
Everytime I listen to it I feel empowered to do better and push myself to do more.
I really cannot tell you enough how great it is go see for yourself!
TOTALLY worth it.

I have been spending a fair bit of time at school helping when & where I can. It floods me with feel-good-juju.
If I can make a difference for even just one student, it’s time well spent.

the rest of my banter seems like a bowl of alphabet noodles… I have also been working on yarning & sewing projects.


My daughter wanted new clothes for one of her dolls. this dress pattern turned out more like a top. The skirt was just a piece of cut off extra denim from hemming jeans. I’m pretty sure she hasn’t played with the doll since.
#awesome.  *that right there my friends is called sarcasm.


a few people had seen & posted Cabbage Patch hats on facebook asking if I could make them… well, of course I can! Although, I knew it wasn’t high up on my priority scale (*I’m not a fan of boring & this is BORING!) I rippedbit back at LEAST 6 times more like 600,000,000 times! I finally got to the point of no ripping back and by this time the dr.’s were talking to my husband in attempt to conjure up a way of convincing me to put the pretty white jacket with plenty of buckles on.
I did put it down, but it’s sitting there taunting me. I will get it finished, but i will hate it!


this got dumped on us yesterday.
#Canadian #winter


my son forgot his Heritage Fair notebook at school on the final weekend before this project was due.
We kicked some DrillingRig ass butt!


minions!!! scarf i made


little wrist warmers… kinda too small for my hand


what does the fox say?

See I really have been busy doing stuff!

Now. Before you leave, do go check out Séan McCann‘s new album!!


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