I find time to write, I have PLENTY to write about, and yet… no words floweth from my finger taps. I imagine this is the same as stage fright, the longer you write or engage your audience, the easier it gets. The more I ramble the better; any break though, the thoughts and words …poof!
I wonder what it would be like to lay it all out there? If my thoughts & feelings were shared publicly?
I wonder where I’d be if I had taken a different path or made a different move, hung on or let go. Thoughts that drive me nutty, could be set to rest with knowing the unknown.
Falling in love too young, but not knowing until it’s too late. Living life that feels unfulfilled is a challenge no matter how you look at it.
Do what you can to not ruin the lives of others at the expense of your own happiness; at times it feels like a punishment.

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