all in your head

The thoughts that go on inside my head are nothing short of crazy. Not white coats worthy, however I probably wouldn’t be overly shocked if they came knocking.  For instance, retirement homes. Who wouldn’t think it was the best thing ever??? You don’t have to shovel or cut grass, unless you WANTED to. All your friends live under one big roof, you can do *almost* whatever you want ALL.DAY.LONG! Food is served & the clean up is done for you. Laundry.. thing of yester-year!
this is my VERY warped imagination working at its best.
tell me it wouldn’t be an über cool place to live right?
Back to reality.
I caught the ‘I should probably stsrt excercising’ bug again. Someone should invent a cure for that.
With the stupid weather, I have been taking it indoors with friends doing some mall walking. It’s hard-core! You should see all the walkers…

nothing to say.

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