Each and almost every night, while I await the bliss, I like to call sleep, my mind goes into over drive. If i could only remember half of my thoughts, i’d be stoked! No such luck. I have considered keeping a bookto write down the awesomeness, but I’d have to do it in the dark –

So today is my last day of 37. Not really a big deal.  A storm is brewing and I can feel the build up within my head.

I had a kick ass timeout last night. I went to the Mod Club for a fundraiser for The Company Theatre. Allan Hawco & Seamus O’Regan were the host emcee’s which in itself is incredibly impressive. But on top of that, Alan Doyle was performing along with a handful of other fantastic musicians. A few other actors were amidst the crowd and it was just a really fun time!

Along with the good comes the…rest, or the other parts; that really are becoming a VERY broken record.
definiately a perfect descriptive of how i feel. i am becoming a little more broken everyday. i mud my pain up and stay the course, even when i would rather seek and find happiness in serving one that appreciates my efforts and wants to share my happily ever after.

i am tired.
my head is in pain…once again.

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