a whirl

I started this post began last week.
Today starts at the  **

thought i’d give it a whirl…
since i can’t hold my head up any longer; meds for migraine must have something to do with rubberizing my neck. it IS as shitty as it sounds.
so i’m mostly wigged up on meds, i’m laying here where all the thinking happens.
in my bed.
propped with pillows and cbc on tv.
Rick Mercer Report.
probably not the best time for writing…
was worth a shot.
see what later brings.

so it’s later. head meds helped -finally.

I often find myself wondering if I am on the right track; you know, in life. What if the abusive upbringing was to strengthen me as an adult?
Or what if it was suppose to teach me a lesson?  obviously, I must have missed something at some point!

What happened to being happy?
wanting to spend time together?
having a chat about… anything or nothing at all?
I don’t know what changed, but I really don’t feel that this is my ‘happily ever after’. ** Guess it’s a reality/life-check! If you want happiness in your life, you need to exude happiness. Think about it.
If you had to hang out with someone, that would help to make you feel happy
would you choose a sad-sorrowful person? or a person that was grabbing life by the horns?
I am both of those people.
I challenge myself, most often, daily (altho’ not religiously) to be an example to others. I feel that if I can make somebody else feel good, happy & loved, I am filling my own soul. I am a giver. I relish in helping others. So, as for the person I would choose to hang out with, would probably be the one that needs a lift,  hug, laugh… a reality check!
Don’t get me wrong, I also LOVE to be on the happy train!

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