March 19
Today my daughter informed me she wants to be a scientist, you know when she is a grown up. I hope she becomes whatever her heart desires ♥
I have been having flashing light aura lately 😦 it’s been brutal. Typically a nasty migraine follows suite… Once in a while I will escape it.

March 20
I can! Especially if I get my arse in gear. I showered, prepped lunches, ate breakfast, got the kids to school, got groceries, tidied up a bit, half-assed vacuumed and all before 10 a.m!!!
Nothing shy of a miracle I’d say.
Tina came over for our official first stitch & bitch. We didn’t have much to bitch about, a good thing really. I made us chicken & salad for lunch and was sad  that our day went by so fast!
I can’t wait to hang out again!! ♥

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